Before Franchising, Ask Yourself These Questions

Has your small business been thriving? Are you looking for a new business opportunity? Do you feel confident that the success you have created could be replicated in other locations? If so, you may be considering franchise opportunities. Before taking concrete steps to do so, there are a few questions that you, as a business owner, should be asking yourself.

Questions to ask before franchising

1. Do I Have Standardized Structures in Place for My Business?

In order to franchise a business, you must have specific operational systems that others can carry out in order to offer a consistent service or product. Doing so is not only necessary for the end product or service to be successful, but for training to go smoothly. Systems have to be extremely detailed to prevent needless mistakes. Should processes not be consistent, results will be unpredictable. Prior to franchising a business, ensure that you have perfected your employee handbooks and manuals.

2. Am I Financially in a Position to Franchise?

Before taking advantage of franchise opportunities, you want to know that your business is successful financially and that the success can be replicated. Typically, it is recommended that you have a few profitable locations operating before you move forward with franchising. Managing multiple locations provides you with a better perspective on the franchising experience. Additionally, having multiple branches often means you are in a position financially to account for business franchising costs such as:

  • Completing legal paperwork
  • Marketing your business to franchisees
  • Hiring a sales team to sell your franchise

3. Does My Business Only Work Well in My Current Location?

According to Statista, in 2020, the most famous and lucrative franchise based in the United States was McDonald’s. The business brought in over $93 billion in sales. That's because fast food is a language that people all over the country speak. Certain businesses do not make sense to operate across the country where customers either do not understand the concept of your business or do not benefit from your product or service.

Restaurant franchising is a good example of this. Businesses selling food that is exclusively popular in a localized region may have a difficult time expanding and convincing new audiences that their niche meal is worth their money. Consider your business with an objective mindset, asking yourself how consumers elsewhere might view your business.

There are plenty of other essential questions to ask yourself prior to moving forward with franchise opportunities. It is important that you are realistic with your responses to these questions. To further discuss the possibility of franchising your business, reach out to the professionals at Best Franchise Networks.


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